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"Thank you again Hassett,
 for another year of
 outstanding services
 provided by your movers. As
 I look back over the last 10
 years at all the projects that
 you have handled for us
 both large and small, I
 appreciate that your project
 manager and entire group of
 workers continue to be
 professional, efficient,
 knowledgeable, flexible, and
 friendly 100% of the time. I
 will continue to recommend
 Hassett without hesitation"

– Dan Zorilla
   Resurrection Healthcare
   Chicago, IL

"When unexpected delays
 came up on our end, not
 only did you come through
 for us, but the quality of
 service was above and
 beyond what we could have
 expected. The moving
 supervisor and all the
 movers were not only fast
 and efficient problem-
 solvers, but extremely
 courteous to all."

– Maria C. Johnson
   Schiller, DuCanto and Fleck
   Lake Forest, IL

Our Moving and Storage Services

At Hassett we know what happens before and after your move is just as important a part of our service as the move itself. That's why we work with you, face to face, to ensure a well-planned and organized process:

Step 1: Planning the Move – We help you create a master move plan, assigning responsibilities and compiling a checklist to ensure that everything happens when it needs to.

Step 2: The Move – Because the move has been so well-planned up front, our customers are often surprised by how worry-free the actual moving day is – happening on schedule, with few surprises or unexpected problems, and good interaction between our team and your staff.

Step 3: Post-Move Inspection – Within 48 hours of your move completion, we will make a visual inspection of the new location to ensure your satisfaction, inspect for any damage that may have occurred, and take any last steps needed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

See our Move Coordinator Resource Kit for More Information >

Choose a category to see specific services offered:

Commercial and Industrial
  • Office Relocation
  • Computer/Server Equipment Moving
  • New Product Storage and Distribution
  • New and Used Furniture Storage
  • Complete Systems Furniture
  • Computer Disconnects and Reconnects
Nationwide Transportation Services
  • Padded Air Ride Service
  • Surface and Air Capabilities
  • Truckload, Partial Truckload and Less Than Truckload Service
  • Exhibits and Display
  • Logistics/Special Transportation
  • On-time Service
  • Customized Distribution
Storage and Warehousing
  • Receiving/Storage/Distribution of New Product
  • Secure Long and Short Term Storage
  • Theft and Fire Alarmed Warehouse
Air Freight and International Service
  • Overnight and Deferred Service
  • Lift-gate Service
  • Customized Packing, Wrapping and Crating
  • Complete Document and Custom Clearance
  • Local Pickup and Delivery
  • Containerization
  • Lift Van Service
  • Skilled Professional Movers and Packers
  • Temperature Controlled Vaulted Storage
  • Packing Material and Supplies
  • Local Moving
  • Custom Crating and Uncrating
  • Piano Moving and Storage
  • Uniformed Personnel
We offer a full turnkey solution that takes care of all aspects of your move, including:

  • Cubicle Installation and Reconfiguring
  • IT Disconnect/Reconnect
  • Packing/Crating/Unpacking
  • Shredding
  • Sale or Disposal of Furniture
  • Environmentally Accredited Electronics Recycling
  • Warehousing/Storage (Including Climate Control)
  • Electrostatic Repainting of Metal File Cabinets/Furniture
  • Wood Refinishing and Fabric Cleaning
  • Storage and Distribution of New Products
  • Expedited LTL and Trucking Services